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There’s still hope for those that think they are cornered and alone on account of drug and alcohol addiction, and for people who think that their suffering is endless and impossible to conquer. There is a false impression that with a simple detox treatment that addicts may be ‘cured’ of dependency to drugs or alcohol, when actually physical and psychological dependency – both of which can be tough to overcome – are a part of addiction, as well. Treatment Programs Philadelphia knows that everyone, despite means, age, and profession, can defeat addiction. Since Rehab in Philadelphia creates customized treatment plans for each of their clients, they developed a good reputation for having the ability to treat all kinds of drug and alcohol addiction and effectively help their clients recover.


What Is Physical Dependency?


Drug and alcohol addiction consists of two different types of dependency, both of which are vital to handle in rehab: physical dependency and psychological dependency. Both physical and psychological dependency have to be treated in rehab to ensure that Treatment Programs Philadelphia, PA effectively helps their clients sustain a healthy, happy recovery. Physical dependency is considered any change in body and brain chemistry due to drug and alcohol use that will induce physical signs of withdrawal if the addict stops using drugs or alcohol. Depending on what sort of drug is being used, the duration of use, the amount used, and the age at which the addict began the use of drugs or alcohol, withdrawal symptoms can vary from reasonably uncomfortable to extremely unbearable. Although not all addicts need detox, those that do might need the extra assistance to break the physical dependence on drugs or alcohol. Without detox, withdrawal is not only uncomfortable, but in a few cases deadly. Medically supervised treatment facilities like Detox Centers in Philadelphia are the safest, most comfortable method of detox. It is vital to remember that detox is NOT treatment, and doesn’t help the addict stop using drugs or alcohol.


What Is Psychological Dependency?


Psychological dependency occurs when the user has to take drugs or alcohol for the reinforcement it provides, such as making the person feel ‘normal’ or to avoid feeling stress. It is a very complicated and hard aspect of dependency to treat. Psychological dependency can take longer to form than physical dependency, however it can also take longer to treat. Treatment Programs Philadelphia addresses psychological dependency with various strategies, with the objective to teach their clients methods to interact with their surroundings without abusing drugs and alcohol. There are conventional methods to address addiction, like individual counseling, but including group counseling and step programs permits recovery specialists address psychological dependency so much more efficiently. The therapists at Drug Rehab Philadelphia can help addicts identify which behaviors and choices are associated with their drug or alcohol addiction, and help them establish healthy behaviors and coping methods so as to avoid unsafe situations.


How Treatment Programs Philadelphia Helps


Treatment Programs Philadelphia is so effective because they strive to address the various and multiple needs of each and every client. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, for treatment to be efficient, physical and psychological needs should be addressed and followed up with programs like community recovery support programs (step programs, etc). At Treatment Programs Philadelphia, PA, clients live in an atmosphere that will provide them with the best chance for recovery, like stunning living accommodations, gym time, healthful diversions, and recreational time.


The most effective treatment programs are the ones that remove the addict from their home town for rehab, so although there are many Treatment Programs in Philadelphia, the addict’s recovery may depend on their location. For locations, or any concerns about drug and alcohol, please call the drug and alcohol specialists at Treatment Centers in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.